Features of our Office - 事務所の特長

特許業務法人 岡田国際特許事務所の特長

  • ■ 国内・外国、また分野を問わず、知的財産権全般にわたる相談に対応できます。
  • ■ 国内・外国ともに、スタッフの経験が豊富であり、的確なアドバイスができます。
  • ■ 外国対応は、米国パテントアトーニーのチェックにより安心・安全です。
  • ■ 内部作成のため、均一な品質のサービスが提供できます。
  • ■ 先行技術、類似技術の調査、および意匠、商標の調査を行います。
  • ■ 弁理士試験の受験者への支援制度あります。
  • ■ 名古屋の歴史ある特許事務所であり、信頼されています。
  • ■ 地下鉄伏見駅近くの名古屋商工会議所ビル内にあり、アクセスの便が良い事務所です。
  • ■ 同ビル内には、公の特許関係機関が拠点を置き、例えば、特許庁の特許電子図書館(IPDL)を使った特許調査の支援を無料で受けることができます。また、特許庁の審査官との面接審査もテレビ会議システムを使って容易に行うことができます。

Domestic/Foreign Intellectual Property related services

  • ■ Accurate and timely advice and support is provided by our experienced staff in both domestic and foreign intellectual property matters.
  • ■ Our attorneys have substantial technical expertise to serve the needs of our clients. A number of attorneys have advanced degrees in their areas of expertise.
  • ■ Foreign applications are checked by an experienced U.S. patent attorney registered with the USPTO.
  • ■ Our staff is fluent in many languages, including English and German, which enables clear communication with foreign clients and foreign law firms.
  • ■ In-house preparation of all the documents is provided to ensure consistent quality.
  • ■ Prior art , analogous art , design and trademark searches are handled in-house by Okada Patent Service Co., Ltd.
  • ■ Support systems are available for those who wish to take the Japanese patent attorney examination.
  • ■ We represent a wide range of clients, including individual inventors, start up companies, Fortune 500 corporations, government entities and academic institutions.  Our range of expertise includes mechanical, electrical, chemical, biological, computer hardware and software, medical and manufacturing technologies. 
  • ■ A reliable international patent firm in Nagoya with more than 50 years history.
  • ■ Office Location: 7th floor of Nagoya Chamber of Commerce Building. Easy to access from Fushimi Subway Station.
  • ■ Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation is located in the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce Building. Assistance with patent searches is available free of charge to visitors using the Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL) of the Japanese Patent Office.  Conferences with the JPO Examiners can also be arranged via our videoconferencing system.